MBA Leadership 2016-17

The following individuals are serving as Officers and Committee Chairs for the current season. Supporting all the band activities requires lots of help, so we ask that each band parent choose at least one committee with which to serve. Please contact the individuals below to volunteer your skills! For general contacts, please send us an Email.

Position Name Email Link
MBA President Joe Fenton Email
MBA Vice President Laura Fenton Email
Treasurer Vacant Email
Secretary Lisa Mays Email
MHS Financial Secretary Vacant Email
MMS/MSGA Financial Secretaries Vacant Email
Parent Volunteers/Chaperones Vacant Email
Hospitality Vacant Email
Spring Trip Coordinator Vacant Email
Pit Crew Vacant Email
Ways and Means Vacant Email
Uniforms Vacant Email
Concessions Vacant Email
Fundraising Vacant Email
MMS Trills & Thrills Joe & Laura Fenton Email